All paintings are sold framed.

The larger by 5inch frames and the smaller by either 3 or 2 inch frames.
(All measurements are in inches)

Price for all cockerel Ksh 12,000


Cups 12x12

Ksh 12,000

Cup small chinese 6x6

ksh 4,000

Birds 4 6x6 in one frame 12x12

Ksh 14,000

Bird beeater 6x6

ksh 3,000

Elephants after the rain in the mist 31x22

ksh 90,000

Flamingo at dusk

Ksh 12,000

Flamingo in the mist 35x45

Ksh 80,000

Gnus in sandstorm 40x36in

ksh 80,000

Ithumba elephants in the dust 45x35

ksh 70,000

Jacana 12x12,

Ksh 12,000

Lamu donkey in the sun 25x21

Ksh 25,000

Lamu door House

Ksh 25,000

Lamu girl in festive dress 19x15

Ksh 30,000

Merecats on alert 19x15

ksh 25,000

new born lamb 6x6

ksh 3,000

Ostriches at sundowner party 39x32

Ksh 120,000

ostrich with chick 16x16

Ksh 17,000

Paradise flycatcher 12x12

Ksh 12,000

Pink Flamingo in the distance 45X35

ksh 120,000

Renoire 's model 30x23

Ksh 80,000

Three galoping horses 30x22

Ksh 30,000

Waterlilies collage 34x47

Ksh 20,000

Donkey in sun 6x6

ksh 4,000

cup small white 6x6

Ksh 4,000

Bird Egret taking off 8x8

Ksh 4,000

Whistling ducks 16x16

ksh 17.000


Ksh 75,000


Ksh 4,000